Happy Chinese New Year! Hang Onto Your Stripes!

Happy New Year! No need to change your stripes 

We use spirit animals to help us define a brand’s distinctive features. Our dart frog displays the importance of letting your differences sing, whilst our wolves know that striving towards a clear mission is a winning approach. 

On the eve of Chinese New Year 2022 we’re delighted to welcome the water tiger – a zodiac encompassing strength, confidence, and bravery. The tiger defiantly refuses to change its stripes, demonstrating how one cannot change one’s essential nature. Like the self-assured tiger: know your brand’s nature and hone it in everything you say and do.

Are you a tiger brand? Or perhaps a porcupine? If you’d like to know more about our work and how we could help you self-define your brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or, keep an eye out for our next newsletter. 

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