A new category story for a new OTC launch


Launching an OTC product is a complex task but, true to our mission, we work to simplify the process and focus on solutions to the key challenges. Launching our client Perrigo’s nasal hygiene product BecoCleanse, in the UK, is a case in point.

This was a market where nasal hygiene is still a relatively new category and not yet part of consumers’ everyday routine, as well as where there was an established player already cornering market share.


We needed to give both the story of nasal hygiene and the product a voice and identity in the marketplace. We achieved this by:

-Designing a stand-out pack with the product benefits made clear and compelling

-Creating a key visual that underpinned the brand world of BecoCleanse and could be used across channels, including TV

-Developing an explanatory training guide for healthcare professionals that focused on the scientific evidence around nasal hygiene and the efficacy of this 100% seawater solution

Detailed research into the nasal hygiene category, including an understanding of how it is perceived in other markets, informed our work and the language and story we wove around the product. Our approach to the all important pack design needed to acknowledge existing products in the category while creating something distinctly different, fresh and new.


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