Creating a stand-out identity and packaging for a new analgesic brand


Innovation healthcare company Infirst wanted to bring to market the first new analgesic for many years. As an ibuprofen-based product the challenge was to differentiate the brand from other generic ibuprofen products.  



Having already established the name Flarin, ALL Creative were asked to create stand out packaging. In order to differentiate on shelf, it was essential we leveraged the unique formulation behind Flarin’s ibuprofen mode of action. We therefore, made this a key part of the on and off pack and this techno-mark was further elevated on the unique pack shapes. We subsequently developed a communication platform and brand world for the product, elevating its proposition as an OTC alternative to prescription strength pain relief and anti-inflammatory. 



Flarin has become a worthy competitor to the leading players in analgesics. It has been adopted by pharmacists and the GSL variant has gained listings in several major multiples, it will also be launched in the US in the near future. Flarin won the CHi Innovation of the Year Award and helped establish Infirst healthcare as a serious consumer health business.  


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