Realising brand extensions for established P-Line brands


Opportunities for Nytol
In a world where healthy sleep and self-care are increasingly recognized as essential pillars of well-being, our client, Perrigo, sought to leverage the strength of their flagship product, Nytol, to address these evolving consumer needs. As the number one pharmacy-only sleep aid in the UK, Nytol had established itself as a trusted solution for sleep support. However, Perrigo recognized an opportunity to expand the brand’s reach and relevance by tapping into the growing demand for holistic self-care solutions.

Our agency, deeply entrenched in the Nytol brand for over 5 years, were tasked with offering strategic and creative support to capitalize on this opportunity and position Nytol as a leader in the sleep and self-care space.

Stretching the brand

Leveraging our expertise in brand architecture, packaging design, and product development, we identified opportunities for innovation and expansion within the Nytol portfolio. Starting with a formulation extension we successfully helped develop the brand packaging, brand world and assets for the launch of Nytol Liquid Caramel, and then the subsequent pharmacy training that accompanied the launch.

Moving then into the world of herbal remedies we helped navigate the brand stretch into a non P-Line alternative with Nytol Herbal. We implemented a striking new campaign visual across both point-of-sale fixtures and online e-commerce touchpoints as well as digital and social assets for the launch.



Finally, and most recently, we were heavily involved in the launch of Nytease, a new product for the growing stress-relief market. We crafted a contemporary brand identity for Nytease, employing vibrant colors and bold typography to communicate its message of relaxation and efficacy clearly. Through digital assets like VOD, banners and e-commerce, coupled with a striking packaging design, we emphasized the scientifically-tested, naturally-sourced ingredients, ensuring strong shelf presence and consumer confidence in the product’s ability to provide stress relief around the clock. The brandmark maintains recognition with the masterbrand while establishing Nytease’s own identity.

Our collaborative efforts with the Perrigo team have not only expanded the brand’s reach and relevance but also reaffirmed its commitment to delivering effective solutions that enhance overall well-being for consumers across the UK.


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