Enabling the brand to shine globally



Spending time in the sun helps you get the Vitamin D you need. It’s key to maintaining health, fitness and wellbeing. However, modern lifestyles make it difficult to spend time outdoors. That’s where Vitagamma Vitamin D supplements can help.

Vitagamma is global brand, which makes it challenging to ensure its identity and image is communicated consistently across both existing and new markets. Our challenge was to align Vitagamma food supplement products under a global proposition, strategy and brand identity.



Launching in the Spring, we created a bright and impactful global campaign that linked Vitagamma with immunity.

To ensure markets could optimise their resources we delivered detail aids, brand guidelines, HCP leaflet, patient leaflet, and consumer advertising (print ads).



Our bright, impactful global campaign and our extensive experience in healthcare branding, successfully linked the brand with immunity.


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