The female personality: hidden depths

The female personality: hidden depths healthcare needs to reach

This International Women’s Day, we’ve been thinking about how healthcare communications must better reflect women’s needs. The female clown fish illustrates an ideal balance: communicating gender-specific needs with an elegant balance of confidence and discretion. Healthcare companies should take note…
Whilst we’ve witnessed an exciting growth in FemHealth and FemTech in recent years – with long-awaited discussions opening up around menopause, contraception, and menstruation, there is still a long way to go…
Women still feel the consequences of a traditionally male-dominated health space. Health tools and strategies continue to be designed by men, for men, which disadvantages women. A recent study revealed that women are 32% more likely to die in surgery performed by a male surgeon, and it remains a fact that while women make up 70% of chronic pain patients, 80% of pain medication has been tested only on men.
One key issue here is communication. We need to be clear on what women want and how we can communicate to really demonstrate empathy and understanding.

Looking at recent campaigns, we believe its crucial to strike a balance with the need for clarity and directness whilst being sensitive and respecting boundaries. Tone of voice will prove a crucial aspect of achieving this.

Our next newsletter is all about personality, including tone of voice. We turn to the clown fish, a lesser-known matriarch of the aquatic animal kingdom: much like a queen bee, a female clown fish leads her school, with minions toiling to ensure her every need is met. Though a clown fish is in no short supply of personality – instantly recognised by bright patterns and unique movement – gender is relatively discreet. Clown fish are able to communicate gender-specific needs with the perfect degree of boldness. 
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