New Year, New you? How can healthcare brands respond to new year’s resolutions?

As we welcome in the new year many will consider taking on the age-old tradition of “committing to a resolution” through common activities such as; giving up alcohol, quitting cigarettes and taking up exercise. The new year’s resolution is attempted by many with few succeeding, a recent poll discovered that a startling 91% of people taking on new year’s resolutions will be unsuccessful, so how can healthcare branding professionals ensure that their consumers make up the 9%?
The most common new year resolutions are health-related, from eating your vegetables to dry January, self-improvement is at the heart of the tradition. Healthcare brands may feel unsure of how to take advantage of consumers’ newfound interest in health. We found by following these simple steps brands can promote their products while activating and guiding a self-care launch to their consumers.

1. Be Specific with the product– when looking for help with their journey through self-improvement the curious will often google keywords relating to their task for advice and products to assist them. By ensuring the product is clearly communicated online, utilizing keywords and phrases brands can project themselves into the front of the new year’s resolution conversation.

2. Be Supportive– Encouragement is often what’s missing from the stories of those who almost made it, creating a reliable support system in the language surrounding a product is critical to the success of the consumer in achieving their goals. Using supportive language allows people to feel inspired, resulting in a jump in motivation which may be just the push your customer needs to keep on track.

3. Engage the consumer’s passion for change– Your consumer has made the decision to change their life and their habits, this is no small feat. Brands should respond to this by presenting themselves as the best possible option to change to encourage new interactions among those making this leap.

4. Focus on the little things and predict the big things– Change can be daunting and information overload is the last thing anyone needs when deciding their direction in life, brands should aim for their communication to be clear and concise to avoid consumer over-analysis and choice anxiety which may make them reluctant to interact with products.

With these in mind, Brands should look towards the new years as an opportunity to grow alongside their consumers, harnessing the energy that comes from a motivated fresh start to smash through your goals for 2023.


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