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Talking to Scientists: Accelerating their access

Capturing the attention of the scientific community means identifying their challenges head on. Cutting through the complexity of their needs and getting to the crux of the opportunity is paramount.

Abcam, the leading supplier of protein research tools to life scientists worldwide, asked our medical communications team to help grow sales across their catalogue and custom cell lines service.

Cell lines are essential for validation and disease research. Often engineered in-house, using CRISPR techniques, it’s a complex process that can be prone to failure. Yet awareness of ready-to-go alternatives is low.

Following extensive research with the target audiences, we developed the positioning and proposition which included a structured message hierarchy based on a need of accelerating access. This inspired our multi-layered digital campaign that captured the benefits of buying Abcam’s ready-to-go cells through a narrative that will seed a behaviour change.

We thrive on challenges such as selling to experts and specialising in sectors such as health sciences and technology.

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