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The Formula for Kindness

Recent data suggests rising levels of trust in scientists: globally, those who say they trust scientists ‘a lot’ has risen from 34% to 43% between 2018 and 2020.

These results are released amidst COVID restrictions coming, at long last, to an end, and show a promising trend towards greater appreciation for scientists than the general Populus have previously expressed.

Whilst this is positive, these levels of trust are still low. We started wondering how we can ensure an upward trend continues. ‘Random acts of kindness day’, last week got us thinking: could we be kinder to scientists in popular discourse and justly celebrate their work?

All too often we’ve seen science as alien and unapproachable when so much of what is achieved touches our lives on so many levels.

We factored this in to our three-step formula for continuing to grow trust:

  1. Overcome Fear

As the world recovers from a rocky few years, it will be crucial to calm anxieties and soothe fears, particularly surrounding science. Where news headlines have been dominated by stories of a deadly virus, the global conscience is fraught with nerves, and needs a non-threatening approach to sharing science more than ever.

  1. Reliable Info

A world riddled with ‘fake news’ has led the public to doubt most information sources (journalists continue to rank as one of the least trusted professions!). Understandably, science will need to gain its’ audiences’ trust by ensuring reliable, unbiased data.

  1. RelatabilityGet to Know

A scientist’s stereotype isn’t the most approachable: typical depictions focus on cold, sterile reason and rationality. Whilst this does reflect the necessary skill, precision, and impressive intelligence, it can be easy to forget scientists’ human sides. We’d like to see more communication of the person behind the stereotype.

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