Crafting a global brand launch strategy for new therapy concepts

The Challenge: The world’s largest manufacturer of homeopathic solutions, Heel, had been evolving its business to overcome regulatory issues to be seen as an international pharmaceutical company specialising in natural medicines. As part of their strategy, Heel was defining a new therapy concept of bio-regulation. ALL Creative were asked to help outline the key message’s identity and application for this therapy concept. 

The Solution: We defined the therapy as bio-regulatory systems medicine and created an identity system which would enable the concept to be branded or delivered independently via the BrSM institute. The resulting identity visually communicates the role of BrSM to embrace the complexity of disease through the idea of autoregulation and underlying biological networks. This theory is visualised with dynamic imagery to illustrate the body as an integrated network. The core identity is supported by the look and feel which is in tune with Heels highly scientific approach to natural medicine.  


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