Developing an identity for all of Perrigo’s pharmacy training material


Perrigo UK & Ireland wanted to re-apprise their approach to pharmacy training with more effective immediate and consistent solutions that reflected their sales force needs as well as those of the pharmacy staff.  


ALL Creative undertook research with independent pharmacy interviews to establish the strengths and weaknesses of Perrigo and their competitor’s approach to training. This was married with knowledge and advice from the retail pharmacy directives.

The outcome was a design system that would help unite all future training materials under the ‘personal pharmacy’ training umbrella and guidelines for different types of training from CPD, to quickly learn category training and product training. ALL Creative have subsequently implemented at least 4 training modules each year for the Perrigo business and span print and digital application.  


The consistent and well-branded approach to training has helped raise awareness of the Perrigo business as a trusted provider of quality educational material. The individual training piece are monitored for resonance and memorability with a number having gained a strong recognition year on year.  


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