Opening eyes wide to sleep and stress issues



In the face of over 20 million UK adults suffering from both poor sleep and stress1, Perrigo wanted to better educate all pharmacy staff and their customers about the relationship between them – as a 24hr cycle – to help address this. And in so doing, position themselves as both thought leaders and providers of 24hr wellness care. With more consumers than ever turning to their pharmacies for health advice, Perrigo wanted to ensure that Pharmacy Assistants as well as Pharmacists were equipped with the knowledge they need to talk confidently with their customers about their sleep and stress issues. They also wanted to present and explain their range of sleep and stress products and when and why each of them should be recommended.   

This posed three distinct challenges: 

+ How to pitch the content and extent of the training materials given that Pharmacy Assistants don’t necessarily have and medical training
+ How to balance impartial advice and learning with specific product and sales messages
+ How to engage our audience in the face of information overload from other brands.


Strategic approach

Issues of poor sleep and stress are not readily discussed or understood by consumers. So we targeted our communications in the first instance to Pharmacy Assistants, who have more front-line, day-to-day contact with customers. We wanted to empower them with the knowledge and product understanding to engage in confident customer conversations and make appropriate lifestyle and product recommendations.  

Our approach was to focus on the the science and current thinking around sleep and stress to help position Perrigo as a knowledgable and credible player in this space. We developed a comprehensive training programme that covered the physical and mental health issues, the sleep-stress cycle, symproms as well as practical advice and conversation starters.  

We introduced the Perrigo branded products and their place within the 24hr cycle, as part of the programme: 

+ Nytol
+ Nytol Herbal
+ Nytease
+ Pureis CBD 

but ensured they were secondary to the training content.  

We planned a campaign to run across a 12-month period, leveraging a range of media and touchpoints. The Pharmacy Assistant modules will be followed by communications targeting Pharmacists, focussing on the more serious aspects of sleep and stress and possible courses of action later in 2024.  

The training programme was endorsed by The Sleep Charity for added integrity. All of this had the effect of positioning Perrigo as a trusted partner to pharmacists as well as a trusted supplier of products.


Creative solution 

We wanted to deliver a wake-up call to our audience to demonstrate the scale of the sleep stress problem, with over 41 million UK adults suffering from a sleep and/or stress issue it’s one of the most common health concerns in the UK. Our campaign message –  OPEN YOUR EYES TO SLEEP & STRESS – was designed to alert pharmacy staff to this critical issue. The messaging was supported by a clean and impactful look and feel. We used bold typography and simple design to communicate the important and at times complex messages in an engaging and powerful way.  

We designed a range of materials – including an eye-catching animation, online training modules as well as a comprehensive training manual and field sales team support materials. Across all touchpoints, we applied a blue/green colour palette to help the infographics and explanatory diagrams to stand out and feel simple and accessible.  

“All Creative brings creativity, strategic thinking and clear rationale.” Perrigo client 


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