Bringing the lights out from under the bushel

Brands and products often struggle to activate their latent potential, which is especially crucial in life sciences: a rapidly growing market featuring an insatiable demand for data.

Abcam’s Multiplex immunoassay technology platform – Fireplex – offered distinctive benefits which were not fully apparent.

Following extensive research and an in-depth competitor analysis, ALL Creative produced a value proposition and a structured messaging hierarchy based on the core need of our target audience, activating Abcam’s potential to release as much data as quickly as possible.

This value proposition inspired our multi-layered, animated, digital campaign based on ‘positive momentum’. Fireplex 346 and 1536 are powering the journey ahead – creating more actionable data, informing better decisions and ultimately accelerating research to lightning speed.

ALL Creative were able to re-ignite this product with a powerful impact which has delivered significant results.

If your strengths need a stronger spotlight, then come to ALL Creative: we deliver powerful creative thinking that cuts through complexity, illuminates assets, and simply makes science easier to sell.


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