Giving rise to Perrigo’s employer branding


Despite Perrigo’s global presence and passionate workforce, its image as an employer often appeared clinical and corporate. Our goal was to reshape Perrigo’s employer brand, portraying it as a dynamic and evolving business with a mission to enhance lives. By delving into Perrigo’s culture, values, and aspirations, we aimed to articulate not just what Perrigo does, but also the profound ‘why’ behind its endeavours. Fundamentally with an eye to fill a 500 employee gap across the US.



Strategic Approach:
ALL Creative delved deep into Perrigo’s culture to unearth its essence and craft a Cultural Manifesto. This manifesto laid the groundwork for the ‘Rise Together’ platform, celebrating collaboration and a commitment to collective success. ‘Rise Together’ empowered individual employees while fostering unity across the entire Perrigo community, transcending borders and cultural boundaries. Distinctive graphic patterns, composed of triangles, were carefully selected for their versatility and symbolic significance, fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness.



Creative Solution:
We devised a compelling identity for Perrigo, transforming its corporate image into one that is bold, welcoming, and inclusive. Through the creation of assets for both internal and external communications, we positioned Perrigo as an appealing workplace, nurturing a sense of community and a shared mission among employees. By highlighting Perrigo’s dedication to quality, affordability, and innovation, we reinforced its stature as a leading player in the global OTC pharmaceutical industry, while also attracting top-tier talent for continued success.


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