Changing the face of hayfever spray treatments


Beconase faced the challenge of consumer misconception about its efficacy in treating all hayfever symptoms, not just those affecting the nose, but also the eyes.

With limited budget and a short deadline, it was essential to optimise pre-existing footage and assets to quickly update the creative and to ensure consistency of a single-minded message across channels. 



Strategic Approach

ALL Brand Strategy undertook qualitative research to uncover more about unsatisfied treaters of hayfever split into spray users and non-users. The research helped identify the ultimate mix of elements for the advertising through revised footage and a new script to maximise the potential to resonate with both existing and new nasal spray users.

Creative direction was provided for new edits, designs, and script, ensuring alignment with the research insights. 



Creative Solution

The creative direction focused on highlighting Beconase’s efficacy in treating all hayfever symptoms, not just nasal symptoms.

We retained the enjoyable and ‘feel-good’ aspects of the previous creative while introducing new stills that helped to personalise the range of symptoms that Beconase can treat. A new claim (which was successfully approved by regulatory bodies)ALL the Hayfever you Need’, supported the visual cues to clearly deliver on the campaign objective. 

The campaign includes 20 and 10-second spots and a new key visual for OOH and digital display  that raises awareness of all of Beconase‘ benefits. By emphasizing Beconase’s benefits and targeting the ‘unsatisfied treaters’ audience segment, the campaign aimed to drive awareness, usage, and satisfaction with Beconase Hayfever Relief Nasal Spray. 


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