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Facing the prospect of extending the switch of ellaOne, a leading emergency contraceptive, across Europe and planning for a prescription switch in the US, our client HRA Pharma required strategic support from the start of the process. The goal was not only to facilitate the transition but also to solidify ellaOne’s positioning and proposition in the market while driving a shift in consumer attitudes toward birth control.

Strategic Approach

Our strategic approach aimed at maximizing the impact of the prescription switch whilst reinforcing ellaOne’s brand identity. We initiated stakeholder workshops to gather insights and perspectives from key players in the healthcare landscape. This informed our qualitative research, allowing us to delve deeper into consumer perceptions and behaviours surrounding emergency contraception.

Leveraging these insights, we developed a robust positioning strategy and brand world territories that would serve as the foundation for all future communications. Central to our approach was the creation of a master brand platform, providing a cohesive framework from which all messaging and creative outputs would stem.

Creative Solution

Building on the insights taken from our research and strategic planning, we developed a creative solution that would effectively communicate ellaOne’s prescription switch and resonate with target audiences. Our outputs included a comprehensive suite of marketing materials, ranging from impactful visual assets to informative educational resources. We crafted compelling messaging that highlighted ellaOne’s efficacy, safety, and accessibility as an over-the-counter emergency contraceptive.

All of our initiatives focussed on destigmatizing discussions around birth control and empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.


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