Helping launch a new range of synbiotics


Having worked with our client Heel for over 12 years we used our knowledge of their business and its operations to guide them and deliver a B2B corporate identity and B2C brand for the business’ new range of synbiotics.

With growing awareness of the profound impact of probiotics on overall health, German manufacturer Heel recognized an opportunity to expand their product portfolio into the food supplement market. Recent studies highlighting the connection between probiotics and cognitive function, among other areas, inspired Heel to develop a new range of synbiotic products aimed at supporting and enhancing the microbiome across various bodily functions. The success of this product range doesn’t rely solely on the probiotics, but the carefully selected mix of other ingredients including vitamins and plant extracts that target the problem area.

Our agency was chosen help to spearhead the launch of this innovative range, branded as MedibiotiX, and establish it as a leader in microbiome health in European (and eventually) LATAM markets.



Strategic Approach:
Leveraging our expertise in brand identity development, we collaborated with Heel to create a corporate brand identity for MedibiotiX, encompassing logo design, style guidelines, and brand worlds. Our strategic approach also involved product development, including naming generation and packaging designs tailored to resonate with European consumers across different territories.

The Heel team conducted extensive market research of our packaging design concepts to ensure the packaging decisions were rooted in solid researched foundations before proceeding with full artworks.



Creative Solution:
We developed compelling product names and packaging designs that communicated the targeted health benefits of each supplement variant, ensuring consistency and coherence across European territories. Additionally, we executed artwork and visual assets that reflected the brand’s identity and positioning as leaders in microbiome health.

Most recently, we designed and launched a central brand website for MedibiotiX, providing a comprehensive platform to educate consumers about the range of products and their health benefits. Through SEO optimisation, content generation and MoA animations we aimed to establish MedibiotiX as a trusted authority in microbiome health, driving awareness and adoption of its innovative synbiotic solutions across Europe.


  • Corporate brand identity
  • Packaging brand positioning
  • Packaging range design
  • Website development
  • Motion design & MoA video



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