Pharmacy-focussed content for smoking cessation


Facing NHS budget cuts in smoking cessation support, pharmacists felt frustrated with the declining focus on the category. Additionally, chemists struggled with the decline in RX and lacked successful OTC offerings, all the while confusion around e-cigarettes further complicated matters.

The opportunity was to reposition NRT as a vital category for pharmacies and highlight Niquitin’s role in driving value for pharmacy businesses.


Strategic Approach:
Our strategy focused on educating pharmacists and counter staff on the importance of NRT and how to leverage it effectively, with Niquitin as a key driver. In collaboration with the marketing team and through our team of experienced copywriters we crafted a 10-page training document which included a quit plan.

The document emphasized the value of NRT, shopper interaction, the importance of the Patch format, and how Niquitin can be the driving force to how pharmacies will succeed in this category.


Creative Solution:
The training document provided comprehensive insights into the importance of NRT, including its effectiveness, shopper behaviour, and the role of pharmacists in supporting quitters. It highlighted Niquitin’s leadership in the Patch format, its unique smart control technology, and its status as the fastest-growing brand in NRT, backed by heavy ATL investment.

By equipping pharmacists with this knowledge, the training empowered them to drive business growth with NRT and Niquitin, ultimately supporting smokers in their quit journey while driving value for pharmacy businesses.





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