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Navigating through the UK’s regulatory shift in the medical device sector – opportunities arise

The landscape of medical device regulation in the UK is on the cusp of transformative changes. We work with brand and marketing managers within the healthcare space on a daily basis and understand how mastering these changes is vital to maintaining a coherent and trustworthy brand.

Here’s a look at the upcoming regulatory updates and the implications for brand and marketing managers across the space. See it as a welcome opportunity to re-address and critique where your brand currently sits within the marketplace and get ahead of your competitors.

Grasping the Regulatory Changes 
The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has set forth an ambitious roadmap of regulatory updates. These changes aim to harmonize with EU regulations and global standards, ensuring a robust regulatory framework.

Priority measures to protect patient safety will be put in place this year, with core elements of the new framework intended to be in place by 2025. You can find the full legislation here.

Here’s the proposed timeline of key MHRA dates and how it differs from the EU framework.

So what does this mean for brands and marketing teams:


Stay Informed and Educated

Keep abreast of updates from the MHRA and other regulatory bodies. Continuous learning is key to staying ahead. By embracing the complexities, companies can seize opportunities to lead in the industry, effectively navigate new regulations, and disrupt through innovation.

Read more about how we help brands gain the upper hand through our strategic proposition


Adapt Marketing Strategies

Align marketing messages with the new regulatory standards. Ensure all promotional materials and communications comply with the updated regulations to avoid legal issues. Consumer needs are always changing, now’s the time to dig deeper into the evolving consumer habits and adjust your comms strategies and outputs accordingly.

See our latest work on Beconase where a tweak to the campaign messaging delivered an unmet consumer need.


Collaborate with Regulatory Teams

Work closely with your company’s regulatory affairs team. This collaboration ensures all marketing efforts are compliant and can help develop strategies that emphasize your brand’s adherence to new standards. Take this opportunity to look at expanding your core claims or review your creative claims/communications to address other brand objectives.

Check out a brand refresh for leading CBD brand Pureis.


Update Branding and Packaging

If labelling or packaging changes are required, use it as an opportunity to reappraise your brand impact and key messaging as a whole. Research how the market has changed and get ahead of your competitors as changes will be coming across the industry.


Highlight Compliance as a Selling Point

Use your commitment to the latest regulations as a unique selling proposition. Showcasing your brand’s dedication to regulatory compliance can enhance credibility and attract discerning customers. Now more than ever customers are looking for brands they can trust.


The upcoming regulatory changes offer both challenges and opportunities for brand management in the medical device sector. By staying informed, adapting strategies, and ensuring compliance, marketing teams can not only navigate these changes but also leverage them to fortify their brand’s market position.

Embrace this period of change as a chance to innovate and lead in the evolving landscape of medical device regulation. A proactive approach to these updates can establish your brand as a trusted and compliant leader in the healthcare industry.

To help Brand Managers through this complex process we will be launching an OTC packaging masterclass document – coming soon.


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