Rallying Perrigo’s UK workforce around a common cause


‘Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.’ Barry Findlay, Kilimanjaro and beyond

Perrigo UK embarked on a journey of growth and transformation, recognizing the need to foster employee engagement and unity. With a dynamic business landscape and ambitious three-year strategy, Perrigo aimed to inspire, engage, and value its workforce, understanding their pivotal role in the company’s ongoing success. Our agency was tasked with creating a cohesive employee engagement identity to resonate with Perrigo’s values and aspirations.



Strategic Approach:
We conceptualized “Perrigo Up,” a theme symbolizing the company’s upward trajectory and shared commitment to reaching new heights together. Drawing from Perrigo’s three-year strategy and core values, we crafted a narrative emphasizing resilience, teamwork, and growth. This narrative formed the foundation of our engagement identity, aligning internal communications and office design with the overarching theme of “Project Mountain.”



Creative Solution:
Our creative solution encompassed visual and communicative elements infused with the Perrigo Up branding, featuring mountain imagery, climbing motifs, and inspirational messaging. We developed custom PPT templates, internal newsletters, and communication materials to reinforce the Perrigo Up theme. Additionally, we integrated mountain-themed décor and signage into the office environment, fostering a culture of resilience, collaboration, and continuous growth among Perrigo’s workforce.


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