Our expertise enables brands to thrive in the self-care environment.

Self-care is eating properly, exercising and resting.

It’s the pain killer in your handbag, the vitamins in your bathroom cabinet and asking your pharmacist or doctor for reliable information.

More than ever, brands are key to empowering people to take control of their health.

What we do

Our expertise allows us to work at the forefront of the self-care dynamic. We bring a deep understanding of the complex regulations surrounding self-select healthcare treatments, food supplements, cosmetics and herbal remedies.


Engage professionals and their customers


Entice customers at the point of purchase


Educate key audiences to drive adherence


Empower towards brand advocacy

Finding clarity in complexity

Our expertise and knowledge will help your brand find its unique advantage within the dynamic area of self care.

Our creative strategists successfully overcome these challenges with an approach that inspires communications that resonate.

What we deliver


  • Robust medical arguments
  • Clarity of health claims
  • Brand identity


  • Packaging
  • Technomarques
  • Digital reach & SEO


  • KOL relationships
  • Professional training
  • Knowledge hub


  • Community
  • Storytelling
  • Gamification

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