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Latest industry trends we’ve picked up on our travels

The team have been out and about at various conferences and seminars this year including the Nicholas Hall Conference in Rome and have pulled together some top insights from their travels.

The Role of ‘Treatment’ Returns
Health and wellness brands have in recent times placed a strong emphasis on prevention, and whilst important there appears to be a renewed emphasis on treatment as part of a comprehensive approach to health and well-being. Today’s consumers are seeking concrete solutions to their health concerns. Brands that position themselves as allies across the entire health journey — from testing and prevention to treatment and recovery — will build stronger connections with their audiences.

Key Insight: Highlight how your products or service can support consumers through every stage of their health issue.

Speaking of treatment, see our latest OOH work for hayfever relief brand Beconase.


Value and Credibility
In some areas, health and wellness has seen a decline in quality standards over the last few years. Consumers are increasingly bombarded with choices and their ability to discern and identify trustworthy brands has become more acute. Brands with proven efficacy, high-quality ingredients and who are seen to be recognising customer needs will thrive. This is more important than ever given the increasingly stringent regulatory environment and incoming changes to medical device regulations.

Key Insight: Emphasize your brand’s commitment to quality. Invest in research and maintain transparent communication regarding efficacy and ingredients of your products. Building a reputation for dependability is a powerful differentiator.

A market where consumer trust is of utmost importance is the CBD category. Check out our Pureis work where we highlighted key product truths to stand out from the crowd.


Women’s Health
Women’s health represents a significant growth opportunity (Over the past decade, there has been a 1,000% increase in the number of businesses in this space, according to FemHealth Insights research), particularly among younger demographics. There is a great deal of work being done within the areas of fertility and menopause, with mixed results, but a lot more could be done to address the wider needs of this growing sector.

Key Insight: Adopting a holistic approach to women’s health can guide women on a comprehensive journey towards better well-being. Brands that can fully embrace prevention through to treatment have the best chance at building deeper relationships with their customer base, no matter what the age.

We have a wealth of experience delivering communications that speak to women and their diverse needs. See our work with EllaOne here.


A focus on switches
We’re seeing a concerted push to product reclassification, particularly from POM to GSL. There are growing, strong arguments for switches to be at the heart of public health policy. Particularly with an emphasis on sustainability through “reverse innovation”—creating new solutions by rethinking and repurposing existing products.

Key Insight: Keep close to switch strategies and those molecules identified as likely for switches, and consider carefully the role these product innovations will play within your portfolio.

Check out our work on the Flarin packaging which started out as a POM to GSL switch.


The Power of Creativity
In a saturated market, creativity can be a business’s greatest asset. Especially within the complexities of healthcare where the touchpoints are varied and have different audiences, innovation and imaginative marketing strategies are crucial.At ALL Creative we often test our communication within the context of the 4Es theory; does it entice, enthuse, engage and empower?

Key Insight: Optimise! At times like this being smart with your spend is essential. Investing in a robust brand world and equity might mean you don’t need to invest so heavily in the creative idea.

We pride ourselves on bringing creative solutions to the table, see our full range of work here for more.


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